Here is a list of important links and resources for Pacific Islanders, all around. We hope this list helps you make the important connections needed for better health and education. If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send an email to or message us on Facebook.

SDSU Institute for Behavior and Community Health (IBACH)

In conjunction with the San Diego State University (SDSU) Graduate School ofPublic Health, IBACH is San Diego’s largest health and behavioral science research facility

San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH)

San Diego State University’s accredited Graduate School in Public Health (GSPH) has been serving the San Diego community since its inception in 1980.

Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC)

A community based organization geared toward creating civic leaders through community engagement and advocacy of Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian peoples. EPIC strives to create leaders within the Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian communities.

Guam Communications Network

A nonprofit network dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the people of Guam. The Guam Communications network strives to increase awareness of issues surrounding the culture and people of Guam.

Pacific Islander Festival Association (PIFA) 

Learn more about one of the biggest gatherings of Pacific Islanders in San Diego. PIFA is an annual festival celebrating the indigenous peoples of Polynesia, Mircronesia, and Melanesia.

Mana Academy Charter School

Mana Academy Charter School is a non-profit, K-12 public charter school in West Valley City, Utah. Open enrollment begins April 2013 and classes will begin August 2013.

Pacific Heritage Academy

Pacific Heritage Academy is a free K-8 charter school in Utah that was specifically founded to serve Pacific Islander families.

Rawmana Fitness

A private fitness facility owned by Siaosi Veimau, a PIC Health Advisory Board Member. Rawmana Fitness is a Pacific Islander operated facility located in San Diego.

Utah Pacific Islander Health


Governor Herbert has declared Nov. 11 – 17 as “Utah Pacific Islander Health Week” in an effort led by the Utah Pacific Islander Health Coalition to raise awareness and work toward solutions to the serious health issues that Utah’s Pacific Islander communities face.


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