Mission Statement

 Aloha! Talofa! Malo e lelei! Hafa Adai! Ia Ora na!

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“To improve the health and wellbeing of Pacific Islanders through community driven and culturally tailored programs aimed at reducing health disparities.”

Current Project: PIC Health Study, Funded by the American Cancer Society, January 2013-March 2015

The goal of this project is to work with the Pacific Islander community in San Diego County to gather information that will inform culturally appropriate strategies to promote health. An advisory board of community leaders, members, and health professionals will help guide and monitor the project. The information gathered and partnerships built through PIC Health will lay the foundation for future approaches in community-based participatory research that aim to decrease health disparities in the Pacific Islander community.

Update April 2015: We are extremely grateful to have had over 163 participants in the PIC Health Study! We are currently doing community presentation and data entry. If you’re interested, please email us pichealth@gmail.com. We’re planning an end-of-year event to share our results with you and get community feedback on the development of future health programs!


PIC Health is proud to start tweeting information about health, education, and other resources for Pacific Islanders!

— PIC Health (@pichealth)  June 5, 2013

Pacific Islander Community (PIC) Health

SDSU Research Foundation | Institute for Behavioral and Community Health (IBACH)


Phone: (619) 500-7064

(c) 2015 | http://www.pichealth.org

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